Newsletter Copywriter uses soft selling to get sales.

Using a newsletter copywriter to hook the soft sell approach keeps you front of mind in your clients and prospects.

First of all, I primarily use a marketing term copywriters call ‘infotainment’ which as the name suggests, simultaneously informs and entertains.

So, as you can imagine, this isn’t always easy. But with a solid base of research in the market you are in, a copywriter can bring some surprising and often very effective ideas to the front and use them in your newsletter.

What must never be forgotten is that people don’t like to be sold to, but they do like to buy. And they love a good newsletter.

Crazy, yes?

Most copywriters find it very hard not to ‘pitch’ in their emails. Generally people are so sceptical and wary these days that they can immediately spot an attempt to sell and immediately switch to something else. Meaning – you’ve lost them.

Fortunately, with newsletters, there is another way.

When I write newsletters for you I’ll be using some foundation principles of copywriting that have worked for me and my clients for years.

  • Research. Thoroughly understanding the wants, needs and desires of the people in your marketplace is key.
  • Infotainment. Tell them things, but in an entertaining way. Usually this means talking about something that is ‘like’ your product or service and then switching the discussion.
  • Consistency. Keeping the tone and quality of the newsletter consistent will demonstrate professionalism and competence.
  • Deliver Value. The best newsletters are so good, the recipients don’t delete them. They return and read them again at a later date.

Of those, INFOTAINMENT is the key to getting sales from people.

That’s a copywriting term that means we try to entertain people at the same time as feeding them information.

See below for some sample email newsletter templates that you can choose. (many more available).

email template newsletter copywriter typical template used by newsletter copywriter newsletter template email copywriter newsletter template

In each email I will feed in a combination of the following copywriting features.

  • Longer article. In every email newsletter there will be a longer article.
  • Questions. If lots of clients are asking the same question so it can be used here.
  • News from your industry. If applicable I can include things going on in your industry.
  • Tips and Tricks. Useful tips on how to achieve something will make newsletters valuable. And valuable means keeping it.
  • Special offers. If you have a large range of products. Because you could do a special sale each time the newsletter goes out.
  • Smaller Articles. Sometimes a smaller article will fit in just nicely. it’s an option.
  • Testimonials. Don’t hide your greatness under a bush tell people, people LOVE proof.

That’s a list of features that can be used by copywriters but it is by no means exhaustive.

So as you can see this is all an ongoing thing

Which is why copywriting clients choose to take out annual blocks of newsletters. Moreover the stronger the relationship between us the better it works, and that’s a big thing for me. It’s not take the money and write some words I’m much more than that, I’m effectively a salesman but in print. A classic copywriter definition.

Which brings me to another point. This won’t work if you don’t do it consistently. If you only send one every other month or maybe skip a few months then you will receive a lot of spam complaints and it won’t work nearly as well. Not a good place to be.

You will need a LOT of copywriting.

All of the above assumes that you have been collecting people’s email addresses and either have an email delivery service like Aweber or Mailchimp or you send your newsletter out yourself.

If you don’t have any those things in place Don’t worry I can help you set them up.

Take a look at the most common packages below, because it will give you some idea of where you need to be and allow you to choose the copywriting service that suits you best.

*NOTE When A Client decides to buy 12 months of newsletters in advance they get 2 months free copywriting, free template design and email service set-up.
Otherwise, Set-up Fees will apply.

Contact me on the form below to have an informal chat about what you need or to enquire about my newsletter copywriter services.

Package 1 - Fortnightly (2 left)

Every 2 Weeks (26 Per year) £360 Per Month

Package 2 - Weekly (1 left)

Every Week (52 Per year) £699 Per Month

Package 3 - Bi Monthly (4 left)

Every 2 Months (6 per year) £100 Per Month.

Package 4 - Monthly (2 left)

Every Month (12 per year) £180 Per Month.

Package 5 - Daily (limited availability)

Every day (365 Per Year).
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Package 6 - Autoresponder 8

8 Emails in a sequence. £800

Follow - up with prospects after they sign up.
Upsell after they buy something.