Contact and project information.

Ideally you have collected a list of clients and prospects email addresses…

Generally we work with 3 distinct types of email that all have their own style and purpose.

  1. Prospecting emails. Normally one email, which converts potential clients who do not know you or what you do into interested parties. Normally these would come in at around 600 – 800 words maximum. Median price for this work is £250.
  2. Autoresponder emails. A carefully constructed sequence of emails automatically sent out, which are designed to address buying objections over a number of days, we do this by changing up the format between days. This method has been shown to DOUBLE initial sales. And the sequence is triggered when someone either signs up on your website or buys something. These generally come in at around 400 words with an 8 day sequence. Median price is £750.
  3. Daily ongoing emails. Amazingly effective if you have courses or information products, especially paid newsletters, although this technique works just as well for physical products. Generally 16 – 20 emails to be sent out over the course of a month. 16 – 20 emails sounds too much to most people but interested parties look forward to these emails because they offer fun and a different way of looking at something they are interested in (which your product can help them with). We’re talking about 350 – 450 words each. Median price for a one off sequence is £1500 but this drops to £1000 on retainer.

Ideal products are your big ticket, flagship items, such as courses, seminars, newsletters, kits, trips, and even B2B products. We really want to use these emails to drive potential buyers and interested parties to the sales page for these items or services. It could even be that they get sent to an enquiry form like this one. Let me say again, this is incredibly powerful. Keeping in touch with clients and prospects is relatively cheap and incredibly profitable, a recent study showed that on average; for every £1 spent on email marketing £42 was generated.

The median prices above reflect projects that we have some experience with, if we have to do extra research then the fees will be higher (tick tock). But we won’t know for sure until we can take a look at what you have, at any rate you will get an opinion and maybe some ideas, just for filling the form out.

Currently, we are accepting new clients.

We look forward to reviewing the details of your project.